setting up internet connection in linux

well, for those of you who had ISP at home might be pleased to be able to get online 24/7. And it’s good you know and also you could learn new things everyday. This tutorial that I am about to present you is how to setup internet connection in linux manually. This howto can also be applied to all linux distribution although I used opensuse as my distro.

open your terminal

to set the IP address then you need to type the following command

jack-opensuse:/home/jack # ifconfig eth0 netmask

to set the gateway for you internet connection then type this

jack-opensuse:/home/jack # route add default gw

and for the last, if you want to set the DNS then open /etc/resolve.conf

jack-opensuse:/home/jack # gedit /etc/resolv.conf
it will open a file like this

# Modified_by: NetworkManager
# Process: /usr/bin/NetworkManager
# Process_id: 2920




you just need to add the DNS server after nameserver and also if you had two DNS server then you should add another nameserver just below the first one so it will be recognize as the alternate DNS server. And also if you don’t know your DNS then you should ask your ISP for it, because every ISP use differect DNS server.

well that’s all for now, you just succesfully connected to the internet.


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