just for the record though

this section in my writing consists of some simple but important information about ubuntu, So I am compiling them here.

if you use ubuntu, you should know there are three menu, ie. applications, places and system. Now I want to add my folder under places so as to open my folder quicker. to do this though is simple, you just have to open nautilus and click on bookmarks and choose your specified folder. And the folder of your choice will appear under places. 🙂

you should know the command fdisk -l, it is the command to show your partitions. But have you ever wondered why the command can only be run as root. Well it’s because the -l option to fdisk requires read access to your disk devices in the /dev directory. These have rw permission granted for the root user and the disk group. If you put the user running the script in the “disk” group in /etc/group, then you will be able to read the partition table. Be aware that the user will now have read/write access to all your disks which is a potential security issue.
So if you want to know the partition as a normal user you just need to use the following command

jacobian@jacobian-laptop:~$ cat /proc/partitions
major minor  #blocks  name

   8     0  117220824 sda
   8     1   37415385 sda1
   8     2    6097920 sda2
   8     3          1 sda3
   8     4   35840983 sda4
   8     5     955836 sda5
   8     6   36901273 sda6

and for the last info in this section, I want to talk about terminal. When you open the terminal it always show this symbol “~”. have you ever wondered what that’s symbol means?

~/ is short for the /home/username directory

so if you have that symbol in your terminal that’s means you’re in your home directory. 😛


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