all the novel that I have read

I always like to read book, especially a novel. here I will list some of the novel that I have read.

1. Sidney Sheldon – The Best Laid Plans

2. Sidney Sheldon – Windmills of the Gods

3. Sidney Sheldon – Doomsday Conspiracy

4. Sidney Sheldon – Tell me Your Secret

5. Sidney Sheldon – Bloodline

6. Sidney Sheldon – The Stars Shine Down

7. Sidney Sheldon – Nothing Lasts Forever

8. Sandra Brown – Chill Factor

9. Sandra Brown – The Switch

10. Stephen King – Rose Madder

11. Stephen King – Cell

of all the author of these novel, my favourite author is Stephen King and Sandra Brown, where as Sidney Sheldon is a bit boring in terms of it story. Although I read a lot of his novel. For me Stephen King is the best, the story line is genious and he can describe the situation in the story really well and I kinda like it. Also Sandra Brown really great at narrating the story. But my best author is Stephen King, he is also a film director and to be honest watching his film really is creepy sometime and intense. Well, if there are any good novel out there that I haven’t read, just let me know then. 😉


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