classic game

while I was browsing I found this classic game, the game names is Cadillac and Dinosaurus. I remember playing this game back when I was in elementary school. It really bring back my memory of all the thing that I did during my childhood.

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if I am not mistaken I played this game back in 1998 when I was still too young to understand anything about sex. hehe…

but anyway if you want to download this game then you have to download it here
and also you’d need an emulator to play this DOS game. you have to download this tools here

you first have to load the game using an emulator, and click on all the visible game so it will list all the visible game that exist in the directory and then click the cadillac and dinosaurus. don’t forget to set the key so it would be easier for you to play the game using your keyboard.  I heard someone say that music brings your old memory back, but for me when playing this game then it did brings all my memory of my childhood. 🙂


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