opera 10.10 final version

I just downloaded opera 10.10 final version and it’s a good browser. there are some feature that I like but first please download the browser here

1. opera turbo
I am loving this feature, I always use it. there are reason why I use this feature very often, it’s just that I use indosatM2 internet connection so sometime the bandwitdh is really slow so I’d have to compress the web pages to make it load faster and opera turbo do just that with an effective way. thanks god opera has this feature.

2. opera link
this is also the other reason why I like to use opera, it’s can synchronize my bookmarks accross entire computer. although firefox can also do this but with the help of an addon so if I go to an internet cafe and I use firefox there I ‘d have to open google bookmarks page first then I can access my bookmarks but with opera all my bookmarks already synced in the browser right from the moment I am signing in.

3. opera unite
this feature make your browser acting kind of like server, I haven’t tried this feature yet because I don’t have sufficient bandwidth so it’s acting a bit slow. maybe later when I’ve got more faster bandwidth I will post my impression here.

4. opera mini
opera mini is the browser I always use in my nokia phone, it also synchronize my bookmarks in opera browser so it really simplified my life. 🙂

although maybe you can’t find many addon in opera as you do in firefox because it’s a closed system but nevertheless opera really has made it easy for me to browse the web anywhere and anytime. 🙂

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2 comments on “opera 10.10 final version

  1. kunto aji says:

    yeah, Opera is rock. But I don’t know why it has the lowest market share among all popular browser

  2. johnny64 says:

    for desktop opera still has low share but in mobile opera has gone wild.almost every mobile phone has opera in it.and many of them are symbian. 🙂

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