trying google public DNS

I just tried using google public DNS and it works when I use it in im2 internet connection. But I don’t know if it make my web experience any faster than before or not. but at least I tried so I’ll know what it’s like. Actually google public DNS only convert the site name that you wrote in browser to ip address but google claims that if you use this google owned public DNS then it will make your web experience go faster in terms of some parameter. if you want to try this public DNS then go to this link here


3 comments on “trying google public DNS

  1. animaster says:

    Thanks untuk tips nya. Ada beberapa hotspot di daerah saya yang DNS nya bermasalah, sehingga cara anda tsb bisa menjadi solusi bagi saya. ^^

  2. johnny64 says:

    yup sama2 mas,senang bisa membantu. 🙂

  3. paijo says:

    how faster it can be increase speed of connection?

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