daytum as a self-analysis tools

if you are interested in self analysis for your daily routine then there is a great website that can help you with that. the site are called daytum

in this site you can do self-analysis, such as your workout routine, your food and everything that you routinely been doing. for example I am compiling all the stuff that I had eaten and put it in daytum. so it would be like the picture below.


after that I click on the pie chart option and it will show me the graphical analysis of my food intake so I will know what most food that I always eat.


actually we always put many information of our lives in facebook, twitter and blog. but by using daytum you put it all in one place and daytum can sum it up all for you.


6 comments on “daytum as a self-analysis tools

  1. tallyzoo says:

    Would love to hear your thoughts on TallyZoo

  2. jacobian says:

    well yeah I’ll give my review about your site later then when I have time. 🙂


  3. Corinne Waldrep says:

    Great Post! Love your blog! Btw I stumble onto this site that provides a Rss tool that converts any partial rss to full rss! Just wanna share with you guys: Full rss Have fun with it!

  4. Lasse says:

    Daytum is nice, except it doesn’t handle negative deltas or absolute data. So for example, it sucks for graphing weight (unless you’re gaining weight).

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