my wordpress blog has pagerank 3

when I check the pagerank of my blog it got the value of 3. this is just great and made me so happy. this means that my blog has been ranked as valid and can be trusted by google (well yeah, I thought so). you can read my blogpost of how to calculate pagerank here. By reading that post you’ll know how pagerank works and you’ll come to appreciate it. anyway PageRank is a factor for placement in search results and isn’t directly coupled to traffic. but thanks for everyone then who read this blog and take parts in making my pagerank went up. 🙂

PS: only google and cnn that has 10 for pagerank value


8 comments on “my wordpress blog has pagerank 3

  1. frijal says:

    With online check, my blog rank is 3… Thats same with this blog… 😉

  2. budi says:

    hebat dah pagerank 3

  3. mwk says:

    even though your blog simple layout its good… nice work keep it up…

  4. teylor says:

    Thanks for the sharing…. I’ve been doing some of those but wasn’t quite sure what’s next 🙂 now I know

  5. ipangsan says:


    i wanna ask about PR, Last month my PR 2 but now down to 1
    can u tell where is the problem..?


  6. Sarah Chalke says:

    I found this, Bulk page Rank Checker, Download Here for free

    Bulk Page Rank Checker is the fast and free google pagerank checking tool to check PR of 100’s of website all with single.

  7. Hey I found some fast pagerank tools, may be seo friends would like them.

    one is bulk page rank checker that can check 1000 of pages PR with single click and another is internal PR checker to check pagerank of all internal pages on a website.

    There is lot more helpful things for search engine optimization.

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