saturday in bandung

nowadays the weather in bandung is really cold, everyday is raining and occasional thunder. But I like it this way as this made the environment cooler and not so hot to go around. well I think I’ll go jogging then to celebrate this mild weather. 🙂

anyway ever since I use VAIO CR-353 I find this laptop to be quite interesting due to some new technology that it has. although at first this laptop has it’s brightness to maximum which made it hard for me to stare for longer time at the laptop, so I tone down the brightness by pressing fn key + F5. But I am still figuring how to make this brightness setting default so everytime I turn on my laptop then the adjusted brightness will take effect.

So in conclusion I have 2 gadget now, blackberry and vaio. hmm… I really wonder what other things that I could have, maybe an iphone would be nice.hehe….


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