probability and statistics

This is the fourth time I take this probstat (probability and statistics) class, the first time I got a D, the second one I got D again and the third time I got lucky, I got an E. I mean status quo is not an option right? so at least my grade is changing. 🙂

anyway because I got an E I’d have to take probstat class now for the fourth time, to tell the truth I hate it. but I had to pass this class in order to graduate. so yeah I am studying probstat now. so what is probstat?

firstly we have to break it down into 2 things that is probability and statistics.

1. probability theory is a branch of statistics, a science that employs mathematical method of collection, organization and intepretation of data with applications in pratically all scientific areas.

2. statistics is the science of data

3. probability owes its existence to gambling. (lot of the excercise in probstat involving the game of gambling)

so there you have the explanation of probstat. anyway this time my lecturer is pak sudartianto and I find him to be a nice person and like to help students in understanding the concept and the excercise concerning probstat.


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