aardvark and it uses

I had use aardvark since 2009 and I find it to be useful service if you want to find a direct answer to a question. I mean usually when you had a question then you search for the term in google, but in aardvark you ask it to the whole people who share the same interest by using natural language. What I mean in natural language is by using the word “I”,”a”,”the”,”if”. if you use google you need to use the term you want to ask but in aardvark is like asking to the people directly and not to the machine like google. 😉

sometimes aardvark prompt me to answer a question almost daily, but many time I just said that I am busy because I am not into the mood of answering question at that time but sometime I did answer a few question. so anyway just use aardvark then if you had a question and need a real human to answer that question.

PS: aardvark had just been bought by google


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