14th february

so today is valentine day right? well I still can’t find a girl that I can ask to go out with me. yeah well shit happen. 🙂

anyway I decided to upgrade my premium account in multiply because I can upload a very large picture there, can you imagine uploading a 4 MB photo to a website? it’s huge right? and the only way I can do that is by having a premium account in multiply. by having a premium account there I can upload as many large resolution picture as I want to and this will make my hobby as a photographer easier.

btw if you want to get your girlfriend a gifts this valentine days, then you can send her a flower by using facebook application name Realgifts. well you need to pay 1 dollar everytime your order a flower, and remember the girls that you want to send a flower must be your friends first and only then you can send her the flower. If you don’t know how to get 1 dollar then I recommend you use VCC (virtual credit card) and get it here in kaskus. I did use this service and that’s why I can use custom domain in this wordpress blog using vcc.

anyway happy valentine and chinese new year of the tiger. 🙂


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