google buzz

eversince google buzz was released to the public, I had seen a surge of people rushing to edit their google profile. actually I did have google profile many times ago. so at least that’s make me not new to google profile.hehe…

what I like in buzz is the ability to view contact among our friends. I mean just like twitter, in which I can see who’s following them and what they follow, kind of like that.

but if you had many enemy just like this woman did then you will find google buzz to be a bit troublesome as it can expose your contacts and also their email address. it’s just that we live in a social network now and the ability to block someone or make the public profile private is something important in this digital age.

so what I expect in google buzz is the ability to use third party apps, as currently I am having a slow bandwith and opening gmail in it’s standard interface consume too much bandwidth. I mean what makes twitter a success is because there are so many ways to use twitter right? and by having many apps that supports google buzz then google buzz would be so much popular due to the fact that it came from google.

what do you think about google buzz then? share it here. 🙂


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