important notice for facebook user

as we all know that facebook already introduce the new interface for us. But you may feel that the new facebook interface is a bit slower in receiving updates. there is a reason for this and the picture below will made you understand


did you see the problem now? so instead of showing updates from our network of friends, the new facebook interface only show updates from 250 of our friends. it was not known what causing this, but what I can be sure of is that this setting created some kind of chaos during our interaction in posts, likes and comments. So to restore it to the original setting (well the better setting I guess) you had to scroll down your facebook page and click the “edit options” menu available right underneath then change the number from 250 into 5000 (the maximum friends we can have in facebook). after doing this you may start to receive your friends update more regularly. Now this is the advice that I am giving you so that you all know what to do.

feel free to give comment then.

PS: this post was especially dedicated to MWK, well he need an english post so yeah I made it then. 🙂


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