new email service from myspace

did you use myspace? I think most of the answer would be no. but if you did use myspace then you can create a new email account there.

myspace just emailed me and tells me that I can create an email account in myspace. here is the screenshot.


well now I had another email account but it is from myspace. my new email address is

I just hope that myspace had a good spam filtering then. anyway the only things that I don’t like in using myspace email is that it has too many ads displayed so it’s a bit troublesome. I mean I like to use google apps and gmail as my email because I don’t see many ads there and it was really convenience.

so there you go, another email account setup. but I think this will be a prerequisite to another email account that will be announce by facebook. I mean I would love to have an email account made by facebook. well one can only hope then. 🙂


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