march 1 2010

it’s been a month now that I had use blackberry. what I like in blackberry is that I am started to become like an email junkie. I mean I always get my email on the go and this made me reply my email quickly and more productive in email management. I find myself seldom opening the web interface for email because the incoming mail went straight through my inbox in my blackberry handsets. the other things that I like is that blackberry supply me with many interesting apps, such as wordpress, ubertwitter and everything else. So it’s a bit like a tiny computer in my hands. you feel like having a world in your hand if you had a blackberry.

but there are some downside though, I currently subscribe to weekly telkomsel blackberry data plan that costs me Rp 45.000 every week. well this weekly bills forced me to be frugal about everything that I do now. So I try to be economical of what I want and spend the money wisely.

anyway I am still trying to build a indexing software for my thesis, I use PHP for the language and I am still learning it. I just need to finish my college time here and went back to batam. I really miss my family though. 🙂

PS: happy the first of march then everyone. 😛


2 comments on “march 1 2010

  1. kuliahade says:

    yakob, ente teh udah s2 ya, hebat euy.. kapan selesai thesis nya kob?

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