movie review : percy jackson & the lightning thief

I just watch the percy jackson and the lightning thief movie, and you know what is my impression of the movie?

it’s just a horrible film in terms of story but in terms of graphic and all the magic happening well it’s quite good. I mean the story in the film is a bit like indonesian sinetron, I don’t really feel the athmosphere that’s happening in the movie, I can’t feel the emotions because the storyline is just so boring. the storyline is quite mediocre without any explanation why it happened.

this film tells a story about a demigod (half human half god) that must find the lightning bolt that was stolen from zeus (the god of all god). well if you study about greek mythology then you surely will understand all the god that’s performed in the movie, and this movie will enhance your knowledge of greek mythology also.

the most interesting part for me in the movie is that when Percy jackson (which is the main actor in this movie) uses iphone to stare at medusa (the devil that can turn you into stone when you stare at her eyes). I mean at least now we know that we should have iphone when we fighting some devil out there. just a thought I get from the movie then. 🙂

the movie also starred Pierce Brosnan (ex-james bond actor) although he only played a small part there. but the storyline in the movie also has some suprises including who is the actual person that really stole the lightning bolt and also there are some funny scene there.

so the conclusion is that I won’t recommend you to watch this movie in theatre, just wait it in our national tv and maybe 2 or 3 years later then we can watch it in tv for free. well just a suggestion then. 😛

PS: the film duration is only 90 minutes, so you can get the idea of the movie then,


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