march 9 2010

if you are reading this post that titled a date number, that means this post would comprised of many things that happening in my mind right now. so you may find many topic in this posts that are totally unrelated.

I just read on the news that chinese government had blocked the entire query of “namibian” on local search engine. this means that namibia has disappeared on the chinese internet network. This is related about Hu Jintao’s son being connected to the probe about corruption cases happening in Namibia, a country located in south of african continent. just read on the news then for more additional information. in chinese there is always many blockade of internet sites regarding politically sensitive issues, well this is the usual phenomenon if you are living in china. Communism is just not suited for democracy and that’s why thanks god I live in indonesia that uphold democracy really well.

anyway if you are using blackberry, then don’t be afraid of exposing your PIN number, I’ve met several person who afraid to gave out their PIN number out of fear their PIN might be cloned, actually the PIN can only be cloned if they know your IMEI number in your blackberry handheld and also if the PIN is not active for blackberry messenger usage. so always feel safe then. 🙂

I just read news that said there had been an accident in the US where a florida woman was caught shaving her privates while driving a car and then the car hit the pick-up. I mean I just cannot believe it, the woman drives the car and still had the time to shave her bush? this is madness.haha…well if you are wondering why she’s shaving her bush it was because she’s going to meet her boyfriend and she want to be “ready for the visit”. 🙂


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