how to create google apps email account

what kind of email provider did you use? the most used email provider is gmail, yahoo and microsoft. But it would be great if you had your own email domain, to do this though then I suggest you should use google apps. I had my own custom email now using google apps by using  and this email account were made by using google apps and of course it’s free.

so the first thing to do if you want to made a google apps email account then you should buy a new domain name here or any other place, provided that you yourself own that domain name. after that you need to park that domain in DNS provider, I use everydns to park my domain. and after I had park my domain then I go to this link to activate my google apps account

actually there are two way in which you can activate your google apps,
1. by uploading a file in your website
2. by modifying some settings in your DNS provider

you can chose the first way but you need to be able to upload some file with html code in your website, but because I only use my domain in my tumblr so there is no way for me to be able to upload the file so then I chose the second way, so based on the instruction in the google apps website I made my DNS info looks like this


after that you just had to wait approximately 1 day for your custom email account to be activated. and then you will have your own custom email account.

anyway, for those of you who did not know how DNS and internet work then this illustration might help you in understanding how they work then.



3 comments on “how to create google apps email account

  1. newbie says:

    mantep deh…. biar tambah gaya… 😉

  2. Yousif says:

    Perfect! Thanks I found it useful

  3. moly says:

    i want to creat id abt above address

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