The Hurt Locker

today I watched The Hurt Locker, but before I tell you my impresssion of the film I want to share a unique experience I encounter in the theater. actually when I feel the urge to wacth the film at that time then I was alone, so I was unsure whether to watch the film or not.

But knowing that The Hurt Locker had won the oscar so I decided to watch the film anyway, so I brace myself to watch the movie alone. So when in the theater there are 6 row of seat, and I ordered the seat in the middle, but then there came a couple sitting next to me, now there are 3 occupied seat and a while later came another couple so there are now 5 seats occupied and only one seat available and that seat is next to me. But as I thought this would be very boring because I was alone there while I was surrounded by 2 romantic couple then came a girl that sits next to me, it happens that she was alone too. So me and her has the same problem then, which is watching movie alone. at first I tried to talk to her and ask why she is alone? she said that she just want to watch the movie, and so I keep asking where she go to school and she said she studied in SMA 1 dago and she is an 11th grader. she tells me that her name is siska, my impression is that she’s a very pretty girl and I like talking to her, and then I keep interrogating her. haha…this is interesting, just because there is a pretty girl sitting next to me then I feel the urge to know more about her and I had to stop talking with her abruptly because the film had started but after 10 minutes when the film begin she suddenly left, and I haven’t had a chance to ask her phone number, not to mention her facebook name so that I can add her as my friend in facebook. but well at least I tried to know her in the first place right? hehe….

so back to my review of the film The Hurt Locker, this film tells the story of a soldier that’s addicted in difusing bomb. the film depicts the worse situation in baghdad where there are always bomb scattered in the street. So this main characters that names Willy had to defuse the bomb, not only that he’s so good at doing it he also really brave at approaching the bomb whereas other US soldier did not have the guts to get near the bomb. I think this main character is a bomb-defusing addict, and he likes to diffuse many bomb and said that he had defuse as many as 873 bombs during his time in duty.

what this film teaches us is the dangerous situation in bahgdad, where an explosion of bomb is an everyday event. the most dangerous place you could be in the world. that’s why I think this film really deserve to win the oscar because the story line is real and depicts the real situation happening in iraq. my suggestion is that you should watch this film to know what really happen there


2 comments on “The Hurt Locker

  1. kuliahade says:

    hahaha. aku dah biasa kob nonton sendiri di bioskop, tapi tak pernah pula ada cew cantik sendiri yang duduk disebelah aku. huhuhu

  2. Deb says:

    I got it downloaded, going to watch tonight 😛

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