hachiko and my review

I just watch hachiko and for me this film is all about dog. This is the first time I went to watch a movie and the main actor is a dog. Yes in every scene there is always this dog and dog and dog. So there is not much of a storyline anyway except that it’s only told us of how great the affection of the dog to its master, as the dog stood waiting for it’s master everyday in the train station until it’s master die and the dog kept waiting there. So the point of the story is that if you want to have a loyal companion then dog would be a great answer for your problem.

The film tells a story of a man name Mr Wilson who is a college professor that found a stray dog in a train station, then afterwards he took the dog home and took that dog under his care. Eventually we saw the love between the dog and it’s master. And the dog patiently wait for it’s master arrival from college everyday by standing in the train station. Then suddenly this professor died of a heart attack and the dog still waits for the master arrival everyday for nine years. After that the dog got old and dies, and well there is a statue of the dog in the train station in honoring the true relationship between a dog and it’s master.

This story is based on a true story happening in japan in 1932 (before the war then), so the story line it’s pretty much the same. But the movie had been adapted to American environment. What interest me is that many actor that played in the movie also play in the film “The Pretty Woman” starring Richard Gere. If you had watch pretty woman then you might know what I am talking about.

Oh yeah, bring some tissue while you watch this movie then as the film might be a bit saddening to you. J


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