ipad is out today

so what is an ipad really means then? well for one, there are just too much excitement on the internet now. with many people are posting picture with an ipad they just bought. here are some the picture that I had been able to collect.

1. steve wozniak with an ipad.
2. the first ipad owner in miami
3. there is a great article here in crunchgear with many snapshot of ipad. really nice seeing it in real photo now.
4. there is also a live reporting from new york times about ipad here
5. and not forgetting an article on techcrunch about ipad launch on apple store
6. tweetdeck app on the ipad, here is the screenshot

I am writing this post just to add an excitement for the launch of an ipad, eventhough I am not sure when will I get an ipad because I am not in US. But at least I am doing my part for the products that will greatly change how we do our computing in our daily lives.


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