clash of the titans

I watch clash of the titans earlier today and I was a bit disappointed with the film. I think the film is highly overrated, if you had already watched Percy Jackson and the Lighting Thief then you might find that the clash of the titans has the similar story as the Percy Jackson movie. The only different is that in the clash of the titans it was the son of zeus that played the key role in the fighting whereas in the Percy Jackson movie it was the son of Poseidon that’s being shown as a hero. Actually in the clash of the titans you can only find zeus, hades but no Poseidon. I really wonder why Poseidon was not shown in the film but in the Percy Jackson those three god that is zeus, hades and Poseidon were shown exclusively. So I really think that both movie are totally related.

The clash of the titans tells the story of a man name Perseus (the son of Zeus) that must fight the kraken that’s been released by the Hades, the god of the underworld. The kraken is a great beast that’s created by Zeus and the fate of human kind was in rest in the hand of Perseus so that he must be able to defeat the kraken by killing it.

In the movie you can also see Medusa, a classic monster that can turn man into stone. There were also a giant scorpion and other interesting monster. There are no love stories in this movie, so you won’t find any kissing scene there only the action.

What interest me is that why there are so many movie about greek myth now? Are there some celebration or what? Oh yeah btw I just realized that the word Olympic means the home of the god, so the Olympiad means anything that is god related. So if you want to enhance your greek mythodology then you should watch this movie but other than that I cannot gave you any other reason why you should watch this boring movie.


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