Iphone OS 4 and all it’s features

it’s really interesting to read news that tells about many new feature that is available in iphone os 4. one of the most awaited feature is multitasking. this had been a problem for iphone user before but now in iphone 4 there would be no problem as the new iphone OS will support multitasking. actually multitasking is a bit of sensitive issues in mobile platform, it’s because a smartphone is unlike desktop computer. smartphone has a very limited amount of memory and therefore the memory management must be efficient in handling any swapping when using and changing many apps. failing to do so will resulted in the battery draining so much quicker and the performance will slowed down on the smartphone. But as always, steve jobs had find a great solution for this problem and the multitasking feature in iphone 4 would be as seamless experience as possible

also the new introduction of mobile ads, this is interesting. the ads will be shown by apple server and push it to the apps that we use on an iphone. and the ads would run by using HTML 5 technology, so you won’t need any flash. actually steve jobs hated flash but it’s had been a common secret right? hehe…

when I saw the ads that was called iAds, it was like a video. so basically we were given some kind of presentations and then at the end of it we can download the app by buying it. so the ads kind of like an app inside an app. and by using this ads then many free apps developer would be able to produce some money out of their apps. I think apple had always care towards it’s developer and that’s why many apps are available on the app store.

oh well, I think I need to grab myself an iphone right now. 🙂


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