paranormal activity

I watch this film and to be honest it had frightened me out. The film had captured my dream as I was feel the goosebumps everytime I remember the scene in the movie. This is by far the scariest horror movie I ever watch.

The movie tells a story about a girl name Katie that lives with her boyfriend named Micah, they are a happy couple only the problem was that there are a demon that always follow Katie wherever she goes. The demon did not show itself in the movie, it only shows the footsteps, the banging of a door and the sound of someone walking up the stairs. So getting tired of all this noises then Micah started using a camera to records every events that’s happening in the house, only the problem was that recording such a thing would aggravated the demon even more. So every night at around 3 AM in the morning Micah and Katie always woke up by the loud sound coming through the stairs. And until on the last night every piece of the puzzle about the demon had been answered or sort of.

For me this is a great film with many unexpected thing happening and really frightened you out, so go watch this movie then because it is a very recommended film from me. Anyway I guess the saying is true.

What scares you is the thing that you don’t know about that’s happening all around you. J


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