iphone next generation prototype

iphone prototype

I have been reading many news about apple iphone 4.0 picture of next generation prototype had been leaked on the internet. actually this is suprising considering that steve jobs always like to lock things up in relation of next product release. But I guess no matter how smart he tried there would be some loophole that came across his plan. 🙂

so the iphone 4.0 prototype looks very real as apple had made a formal request to get the iphone back from gizmodo. but at least now we know how iphone 4.0 would like based on the newly found iphone prototype.

but I personally think that gizmodo should not had it returned to apple, gizmodo should just put the iphone prototype on sale or auctioned it off on ebay. and by doing that then gizmodo can make a fortune out of it. but well I think gizmodo had been famous on the internet right now and generating 3 million hit in a single day due to its article about the newly lost-and-found iphone prototype and that can make a great ad revenue.

P.S : I just wish I could have an iphone.


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