facebook deep integration to another website

there is this new announcement in facebook that came across my homepage now, based on the picture below you can see that facebook had partnered with yelp, cnnmoney and every other website that facebook had collaborated with in using the new integration feature.


so what does this mean anyway? it means that from now on everytime you open a website that had used this new facebook integration then you can signup easily on those website by using your facebook account and you can also connect with your friend that had also use the website. so now every website that we visit had become more personal thanks to this new facebook integration feature.


facebook just announce about this new feature at f8 conference , where Mark Zuckerberg said that “we are building a Web where the default is social”. and so now it’s get more social than ever. but I think this would be great as we will use facebook even more frequently and we need to log in to facebook everytime we surf the internet.

well just like they said, everyone is on facebook now.


2 comments on “facebook deep integration to another website

  1. milisdad says:

    weh langsung update 🙂

  2. […] button in my tumblr blog then it will shows up in my newsfeed thanks to the new feature of facebook deep integration. Also I would like everyone who finds that my blogpost interesting can click through the like […]

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