coup d’etat

so now the situation in thailand is worsening, there are many shots being fired and the country is in total meltdown due to emergency situation. I guess it’s must have been really hard living in thailand nowadays.

the crisis in thailand was started by the coup d’etat against Thaksin Sinawatra by the army, if you had notice the word coup d’etat come from france. you might be wondering why the word coup d’etat did not come from english word? well it’s because in english there were no coup d’etat and the kingdom in england had never experience any rebellion against the monarchy but the situation is much more different in france whereas back on those days where Napoleon still rules france there were many coup d’etat or rebellion against the kingdom of france and that’s where the word coup d’etat come from. and it came exactly from france.

as I was reading the news of chaotic situation in thailand I was reminded of how chaotic indonesia is back in 1998. the situation of indonesia in 1998 is the same as the situation in thailand right now in 2010. back in 1998, our indonesia economy is in ruined but at the same time thailand economy is blossoming. but now at 2010 things had gone upside down as indonesian economy is strengthening and the rupiah currency is at its strongest level and many foreign investor buy indonesian shares, in thailand things are at their worse level because the economoy had been crippled by the reds shirt demonstrations and the emergency situation being imposed there.

so I guess things will never be in normal again in thailand ever since the Coup d’etat


One comment on “coup d’etat

  1. jessica says:

    yea i hope thai can be fix after the chaos :(.


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