iron man 2


I had watch iron man 2 in theatre, the film is great with many robots fighting each other. The main actor that played iron man is Tony Stark, Tony Stark is the character played by Robert Downey Jr. and there were also Justin Hammer the character played by Sam Rockwell, He is Stark’s true nemesis in the film.

the film tells a story about Tony Stark that is having trouble with his energy source that was used to power the iron man weaponry. Having depleted energy source, he had to find a new element that will power his energy needs. but on the other hand his enemy that is Justin Hammer is developing a weapon that will be used to defeat iron man by making another robot that resembles iron man only stronger and much smarter. also not forgetting there were some romantic scene to spice things up a little bit. the romance between Tony Stark and his secretary.

the film has many special effects, especially the weapon that was fired, the missile and every robotic move such as flying robot. in fact the first scene of the movie depicts the iron man jumps from a plane and then arriving in a conference to give a keynote address on Stark Expo about his company that is Stark Enterprise. and then at the end of the movie there is also a keynote address only the difference is that it was given by iron man nemesis that is Justin Hummer.

when I read about iron man 2 in techcrunch article, it is said that the rivalry between Tony Stark and Justin Hammer resembles the rivalry between Steve Jobs and Steve Ballmer. only the difference is that they compete in producing more modern weapon as oppose to compete in making innovative products that is happening nowadays between apple and microsoft. and we can see that because of the 2 keynote address that were presented in the movie. a keynote that usually held by apple or microsoft in announcing new products in the market.

but as you all know, in the end it was the hero that still wins and in this film that is Tony Stark. and if you had time you surely don’t want to miss this movie because it’s a great one.

I gave this movie 5 out of 5 stars.


4 comments on “iron man 2

  1. I just wondering, is paladium exist?

    • Jacobian says:

      maybe yes maybe no.paladium is kind of like kryptonite in you’ve got the idea.

      • pebbie says:

        palladium (Pd) exists, it’s a metal which is the same group as platinum. try googling on keywords like “cold fusion” or “michael mckubre”. but, the imaginary thing is it’s application as energy reactor.. since the excess heat phenomena is still unexplainable and not always repeatable

        haven’t had a chance to watch the movie yet 😦

  2. Jacobian says:

    you seems to know a lot about chemistry, don’t you? thanks for the explanation though. 🙂

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