what I know about girls


In relationship, there are few aspects that we need to know. Especially the personality of the girl that we fell in love with. I will explain to you all type of personalities of a girl based on my previous experience in dating a girl and ways of getting to know her.

1. Girls like to be spoilt, well mostly are. Usually this type of girl had a happy childhood when she was a kid due to her parents giving her all the presents that she want during her childhood time. And then when you were dating this kind of spoilt girl then rest assured you will endure the same experience as her parents that is you had to giving in to what she wants or else she will dump you. Anyway I like dating this kind of spoil girl, usually they’re looks pretty though and knows about fashion a lot.

2. A girl that’s like to be given a red rose, I am quite happy giving a girl a red rose. As it was meant to be, a man must get a girl the flower that the girl likes as a token of love. Anyway sometime there are some girls that don’t like flower and this girl usually kind of tomboy or don’t get enough happiness in the world and always feel grumpy. This is what I thought about girls who did not like any flowers.

3. As far as I know of, girls like to give suprises to her boyfriend, usually the girl suddenly arrive at her boyfriend home or giving something that’s make a bit of a surprise for the boyfriend. Either way it’s just her way of seeing the smile on her boyfriend face, this is something that girls like to do.

4. Based on my experience, it was a lot more fun being with a girl that like dolls, usually this type of girl had a great childhood experience and they always like to play with dolls during that time. And a girl that like dolls are a lot more cheerful that those girl who don’t. on the plus side though it would be easier for you to choose and buy her a present because you already know what she like and that is a big, giant dolls

5. Sometime girl tend to lay her head to someone shoulder, be it someone who she love so much. I think this has something to do with the feeling of that girl being protected by laying her head on her boyfriend shoulder. but it’s just my thought though.

6. If you’re going out with a girl and that you are holding hand with that girl, either she started it first or you did, it doesn’t matter anyway. But what matter is there are now a blossoming feeling of love in both of you. And this is a good sign, because holding hands is almost has the same thrilling effect as kissing, well although the sensation is a bit different though. Hehe…

7. In relationship, honesty is something that’s must be uphold. If there is one side that feel being lied to then the relationship is doom to be failed.

8. It is very necessary in relationship to feel pain of broken-up. Because by enduring it at the first time then when it actually happen again you will be better prepared. By experiencing any broken-heart or failure in relationship then you might be better appreciate another relationship that you will had in the future and treat your partner well and it also had a direct effect of your maturity.

So the above points are some of the conclusion that I had during my relationship with a girl, although I must admit my experience would differ greatly to what you’re having. You can share it in the comment below anyway. but what is important is that relationship is something that one had to experience, it’s kind of like a phase that need to be done. so you better get ready when it happen right? 🙂


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