preventing unauthorized access in facebook

so now I am gonna talk about facebook, I know that many of you use facebook daily and the concern about your facebook privacy and security is a well known issues. now I am gonna teach you of how to protect your facebook account from unauthorizes access that were done on someone else computer. so that when another person log in to your facebook account from another computer then facebook will send a notifications into your email informing you that your account had been compromised. and this is how to do that.

firstly you need to go to your facebook homepage and then click Account -> Account Settings and click Account Security


as you can see in the account security tab the default option is no, so you need to change it into yes. and after that you need to log out from facebook and then log in back and after doing so you will be prompted to identify your new authorized device


after doing the above step then facebook will send you a verification email stating that you had set your security setting.

Hi Jacobian Cool,

A new device named “jacobian” was added to your Facebook account (Today at 11:23pm).

If this device was added without your permission, please remove it from your account immediately, then change your password.

If this was an authorized login, please ignore this email.

To remove this device and change your password:

1. Log in to your Facebook account.
2. Click the Account tab at the top of the screen and select “Account Settings” from the drop-down menu.
3. Scroll down to the Account Security section and click the “change” link.
4. Find the name of the unauthorized device and click the “remove” link next to it.
5. Scroll up to the Password section of the Account Settings page.
6. Click the “change” link on the right and follow the instructions.

The Facebook Team

this is one of the way that you can protect your facebook account, and also you need to put in place a strong password so no one will be able to crack your facebook account. so that’s it for you then. feel free to give comment if you have something to say. 🙂



2 comments on “preventing unauthorized access in facebook

  1. Ivan Finney says:

    Very awesome post. Honest..

  2. You’ve done it once more. Incredible article!

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