video yg mantap


so there is this porn thing going on in indonesia.both of which are renowned indonesian artist. if you want to download and see for yourself then download it here and here and also here. also if you want to watch the video in facebook page then you can go here. I advise you to download the video while you still get the chance. because this hype will soon spread to our national tv station and everyone on the planet will know about it. so download it while there’s still a chance now.

update : the facebook link video had been removed,so now the only way is to download the video directly.and please do that while I am still considering not to delete this blogpost due to the sensitivity of the situation that’s happening right now.


3 comments on “video yg mantap

  1. […] skrg yg penting tuh gimana kelanjutan dari film “panas” ariel. apakah ntar akan ada lg artis cantik setelah luna maya n cut tari? kita lihat ajah selanjutnya. […]

  2. […] to update my blog. all my internet bandwidth had been used up trying to search for porns about ariel and his girls.haha… so now ariel is in prison and the story seems to be blown out of proportions in […]

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