sunday june 27 2010

so anyway, I have not wrote anything in this blog of mine for two weeks I think. the reason I am doing so is because I don’t have any decent internet connection to update my blog. all my internet bandwidth had been used up trying to search for porns about ariel and his girls.haha… so now ariel is in prison and the story seems to be blown out of proportions in indonesian news media then I think I had enough of listening to it and prefer to do something else worthwhile.

actually now I am in batam. I need to spend some time with my family and after that I will get back to bandung to finish my thesis. when the first time I arrive in hang nadim airport, that is the only international airport available in batam. I notice somethings that interest me though.


the above picture is a fountain if drinking water, so basically I can drink from that machine. how great is that? that machine is seldom exist in indonesia, the last I remember that I did drink from some water fountain that exist in ITB but that’s the only place I can remember. and the availability of the water-drinking-machine just made me love so much about hang nadim airport.

now at home though, I usually do some basic stuff. such as cleaning the house, washing dishes, do the laundry and all the chores that I could do. which is great as I am able to move a lot and not spend time wasting doing other stuff that’s futile. usually in bandung I had no other stuff to do except being online all the time but now I had so many things to do at home.

I think I’ll be in batam for a month then, as I am really miss my family. so that’s for today’s post I think. as I am still regretting of american defeat to ghana in last night worldcup. too bad the american did not advance to the quarterfinals. so let’s see who will win today’s match between england vs german. it will be interesting to see. 🙂

so anyway, is anyone out there like to see some cute animal?



2 comments on “sunday june 27 2010

  1. phyqhie says:

    ouch, the last pic isnt too cute i think. It have scary eyes. Boo~

    • Jacobian says:

      haha…it did,but at least it was the perfect moment for me to snap the anyway do you have any favourite animal then v? *just asking btw.

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