july 7, 2010

today’s post is about all the interesting news that I came across when watching CNN at home, so I decided to share it to all of you.

the first one is about a video starring israeli soldier dancing on the song of Keisha – Tik Tok. although I must say that it is a good song, then israeli soldier used that song as they dance while patrolling in the gaza strip. I guess they get quite bored with their life. 🙂

you can see the video here and below is the screenshot.


I heard the israeli government quite upset about the video.

the second interesting news is about lindsay lohan being incarcerated for about 90 days due to her probation violation. she was supposed to attend her drug and alcohol education program but she missed 7 of the scheduled classes, and although she plead to the judges to let her go but the judges had already enough of her sobbing and complaining and sentenced her for 90 days in jail instead.
lindsay lohan

actually it is a good thing for lohan to be punished if I must say, I mean many actresses before her such as marilyn monroe that died due to drug overdose. this is the kind of thing that every international actress need to learn. they need to learn how to save themselves. and lindsay lohan is no exception. may she realized her mistake and come out as a better person eventually.

and the third news that  happened is that the netherlands are now through the final after beating uruguay last night. the final score is 3-2.

I did think that the dutch really deserve to win though as they played beautifully and the uruguay just had a hard time keeping up.

well tonight is the match between spain vs german and trust me, it’s gonna be really interesting.

PS : anyway, I am still doing my thesis now and having a hard time understanding the algorithm that I suppose to use in java. I am sure gonna update you on the progress of my thesis when I had solve the algorithm then. thanks


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