somalia and al-shabab


Ethiopian troops attack somalia in 2006 to oust an islamist insurgency being installed for the somalia’s government. because the Ethiopian afraid by the spread of islamic hardliner near its border, so instead the Ethiopian government battled the al-shabaab fighter and succeeded in pushing them back and able to install an interim government in somalia. an interim somalia’s government to which many somalian people are supporting and that’s more of a moderate islam than al-shabaab.

but the situation in somalia is still far from peace because the insurgent still tries to battle the government and to bring down the fragile government of somalia. the recent bombing targetting the ugandan people last night during worldcup final is a testament of the cruelty of this organisation. Al-shabab also been known of trying to coerce many people to follow it’s strict guideline of islamic syariah. islamic syariah is something that I always hated, because it’s conflicted with the human right. many people had been captured or decapitated and even be killed by al-shabab because these people’s act were regarded as a violation of the law of islam, to which the law is full of arbitrary if I must say.

till now though the war is somalia is still raging and many people will still suffer. I think the only solution is for the USA to step in so as to prevent the islamic hardline group from making somalia as their heaven for their terrorist agenda. But I guess the US is still focusing in afghanistan.


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