spain as the worldcup winner of 2010


the winning of spain in last night game is quite entertaining. with howard webb as the referee and he gave 14 yellow card to each team and one red card to the dutch player and in turn force the dutch to admit their defeat to one goal by spanish player.

the goal by iniesta in 116 minutes secured the spain as the worldcup winner and also make paul the octopus accuracy in predicting the worldcup match to be 100% correct. and now everyone in the world will believe that paul the octopus is truly a prophet (well I thought so). 🙂

so once again, congrats for spain in winning the worldcup for the first time as they deserve it. although I must say my favourite team is german because the german players played beautifully and it just too bad they lost to spain. well better luck next time then.

this worlcup really is a global phenomenon with many people watching and can change people lives. and I am really looking forward for the next worldcup 2014 that will be held in brazil.

PS: unfortunately paul the octopus won’t be alive in 2014, so I guess we need to find another octopus that can predict the future. 🙂


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