finally got my passport

so anyway, I just want to let you know that I already got my passport and it had been approved by the immigration offices. it took only one week for my passport to be issued and this make me a bit happy. Because finally I will be able to go to singapore to go sight seeing.


usually not that many people in indonesia like to have a passport because indonesia is such a big country and indonesian don’t have too much reason to go overseas unless they live in close proximity of other neighboring countries. such as me that are living in Batam that’s located near to singapore, to be able to study or shopping or honeymoon (if I have a girlfriend of course) in singapore then I need to get a passport. I went to immigration offices in Batam that’s located in Batam Centre near the mayor office.

the situation in immigration service centre

now after having my passport I am feeling like a true indonesian, and will enable me to travel abroad. so happy then. 🙂

btw I read the morning paper and come across a news story about a plane that caught fire in pekanbaru, what make it’s interesting is that one of the passengers in that plane is a student in my campus. so I think there is some connection or at least I thought so. hehe…



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