batam flower festival

so today I went to batam centre with my parents to see the flower festival. it kind of crowded with many people visiting there. this food festival located in batam centre which is near the mayor office. so it’s in the middle of batam city.


there were also many foreigners too that want to buy some plants, flower or just enjoying any other exhibition that’s happening there. and there were also a dog contest happening that brought many people with their unique dog to attend the exhibition. pretty fun going there if I must say though.


this exhibition also celebrating visit batam 2010, just another tourism slogan to attract singaporeans or other foreigner to visit batam.


and there were also a competition for all dog owner.what fascinate is that there were many odd looking dog because I think the dog are new breed. such as this one, because this is just a huge dog.


and also it was the first time for me to be able to see a bulldog in person, usually I only see bulldog in movie. but this england bulldog named Igor and its owner that’s a foreigner spoke to me that’s the reason why this dog always put out its tongue is because he is sweating through its. due to a bulldog cannot perspire though its skin. very informative right?


and also I found a persian cat that’s also huge, I don’t know what this cat are eating but the cat is the biggest I’ve ever seen in my life.


so at least today’s experience had given me some good topic I can post on my blog, because I am running out of creativity lately to sum up some interesting thing to talked about. well then, thanks for reading. 🙂


One comment on “batam flower festival

  1. Sigit Ary says:

    Saya belum pernah pergi ke Batam, maybe someday.. trims

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