BP oil spill


The only reason why it took BP (British petroleum) 3 month to capped the oil spill is because the depth of the oil well is 5000 miles below sea level. while the threshold of oil well capping operation had ever been done is 200 miles below sea level. so while BP is doing the capping of that oil well they also making the book of how to do it. Because nobody had ever done it before.

BP is also trying to enhance its public image after successfully capping the oil well. and now is entering the clean-up process of the spilled oil from the ocean, I also read rumoured that BP CEO Tony Hayward is resigning. Although this thing need to be confirmed later.

BP had denied any relation for the release of lockerbie bomber al-meghrabi, this issue is being raised by 4 american senator accusing BP of having an oil interest in libya and as an exchange the libyan government requesting the released of al-meghrabi in scotland’s prison. Scotland chief justice release the lockerbie bomber on the ground that he is terminally ill from the prostate cancer that he is experiencing and was predicted by a team of doctor in scotland that he will lived for only 3 months in which this is a wrong assumption and this lockerbie bomber had already lived for more than a year now and he is predicted to be able to live for ten years time. Congrats for him then for living his life to the fullest

BP had said that they already spent $4 billion in cleanup cost and also the capping operation since the april rig blast. It’s a huge price to pay for their negligence that created this oil mess in the first place.

What interest me is that, eversince this oil spill had begun, I seldom see any ads about energy and oil ads especially on tv or magazine. usually shell or exxon mobil always show some ads about energy use on tv,but ever since this bp oil spill mishap they had retracted their ads and silence themselves now to avoid exacerbating this sensitive issue that’s happening in the gulf

the conclusion is that everything does happen for a reason and the reason this oil spill happen because BP is just out of luck. 🙂

and just like any other post, below is the picture of today’s post. I really wonder what this girl is thinking about



2 comments on “BP oil spill

  1. Sitorus says:

    kenapa harus ada foto cewek di bawahnya ??
    nampak kali ..

  2. Jacobian says:

    ya kalau aq posting foto cowok ntar kan di bilang homo.mending kutaruh foto cewek kan ya?

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