wikileaks and afghan war

The thousand of document being leaked in had frustrated the american government. this is mainly because in the document were explained about the hefty amount of afghan casualties during the war against taliban in afghanistan and the losing support of afghan people towards american troops. And also the documents revealed the involvement of ISI (the pakistan intelligent agency) of bombing attack that happened inside afghanistan. Wikileaks revealed that ISI played as double agent, while they were helping afghanistan government fighting against taliban insurgent, they were also helping taliban creating chaotic environment in afghanistan using bombs.

What fascinates me in this documents leaks is that the revelation of human rights abuse that’s happening in afghanistan done by the american troops, you must know earlier that american government sever any military ties or even went as far as putting an embargo to indonesia during what was said indonesia’s horrific abuses of human rights that happened during indonesian occupation of east timor. But after the east timor gain independence from indonesia and only then the embargo was lifted but not the military ties of american troops and the indonesian special armed forces. Kopassus or indonesian special arm forces was only able to establish relation with american troops just a few weeks ago when american defense minister robert gates visit jakarta. this military relation between two party had been frozen since 1998 due to human rights abuses allegedly commited by kopassus during soeharto’s regime (to which it was true).

Now what bother me is the hypocrisy of american government by using the human rights abuse as the reason to sever any ties with any countries that they dislike. But they did not take into account their own wrongdoing they had done to the afghan people. Now with the release of the many documents in wikileaks then hopefully the world would know better of how the american handled their own mess in the war of taliban in afghanistan and elsewhere.

PS: for the related photo you can check the hyperlink I presented in the post, but now I will present the photo of a cute child that I had been able to snap while I was playing with them. what do you think of the picture then? 🙂



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