uya kuya and hypnotization


if you always watch SCTV , that is one of indonesia’s famous tv station then you must know the tv program of Uya Kuya. that is a program in which people get hypnotize by a person name surya utama or nicknamed Uya. this time he appears in mall Top 100 Batam near Batuaji, and I had a chance to see him in person. usually I always see him on tv on which his program was aired twice a day so that many indonesian already know this guy and that’s what makes him so famous here.

what I think of him is that he needs to work out or go fitness as he has too much fat in his stomach, a good public figure should have a great body though so that many people and especially girl would like him.


but other than his great skill that’s able to hypnotize people, he is a fine guy. although hypnotizing a person is surely a great skill that only a handful of people know how to do it. and this make many people in indonesia become fascinated with this unique guy.


he also brought his daughter too there, that also host a tv program in sctv named Cinta emang Kuya (I think being in entertainment business has been a bloodline for this family), although I can’t take her picture because there’s just too many people shoving me around and things get really nasty there with all the many security guard and die hard fans of him showing up in bulk amount. but well at least now I know what he looks likes.

PS: from now on my posting will be written in english, no more indonesian. this is because I would like to make english my official language in this blog. I am just quite bored of using indonesian and also to make my blog able to be read by the entire people in this planet. thanks for reading then. 🙂


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