independence day of indonesia

This 17th august 2010 we indonesian people will mark the 65th anniversary of our independence from the occupation of japan empire. Actually this independence was highly correlated to the dropping of 2 atomic bombs in nagasaki and hiroshima by the american. The Japanese empire felt the utmost suffering when these 2 nuclear bomb obliterated their 2 cities and hence put an abrupt end to their war campaign.

Japanese empire must pay a hefty price for millions of people they killed during their colonization of most asian nation i.e indonesia,malaysia,korea and part of china. And the japan had to make a concessions towards the american because of their unconditional surrender that the japanese empire shall have no army ever again and the protection of japan nation will be rest upon to america’s troops. At first this term really hummiliated the japanese empire a lot but because they are the losing side they had to accept this bitter term and lived with it.

By now you should realize that american play a central role in indonesia’s independence and for that we need to thanks should know first thing that america never try to colonialized a nation,they merely trying to create a better world. Take iraq for example, after the war against terror started in 2003 by Bush administration, now american troops are giving the sovereignity of iraq into the hands of iraqis and iraqis are now the only one who are taking care of their own nation in terms of security and other administration. America present in iraq is only in the existence their US base there.

So in this independence day, I would like to stress the importance of peace and the resolving of many conflict that’s still happening elsewhere, e.g mainly in middle east. Because through peace then the humanity could prevail against all odds.

PS: in this picture, there were a background of indonesian flag that is red and white. don’t mind the girls there btw. 🙂


and also I have the luxury of snapping another picture of two girls playing pump, i.e a dancing game



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