the things I miss

Java (programming language)

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I have been spending my time away lately doing my thesis, not that I am egoistic but because I would really love to see the smile of my mom and dad’s faces when they see me graduate from this campus. they had done so much for me and it would be an honored to repay them. so here am I , try to code a program based entirely in java.

java is a programming language based on pure object. every object had it’s won charateristics and method in which its does things. say a car has characteristics of moving backwards, moving forward, has 4 tires, has one wheels and so on. this characteristics define the car as an object. and because this car is an object we can create a class out of it. and we called it class car (in programming, grammar related error is ignored).

I decided to do my thesis in java because I had learn it before at campus and through private course, although I must admit it’s not as easy as it sounds but I am giving out my best. my thesis need to be ready this 6 september or else I had to wait for next year to graduate, so due to the nature of seriousness I am willing to take in finishing this thesis I decided it would be best for me to spend the entire holy month of ramadhan and also idul fitri festivities in bandung. it’s not an easy decision because I am a muslim and being at home during this holy month is something that’s of great virtue.

so anyway, if I ask you what’s your favourite website then what’ll be your answer? is it kaskus?, kaskus is a fine website but I think there are a lot of junk being presented there with many people trying to be the first to respond to a thread. I find this behavior is counter-productive. whereas this led me to find another website that is of important value and discussion. this website name is reddit. reddit is a website that aggregate many interesting link and discussion and also some funny picture. I find myself addicted in reading reddit over and over again. and I do this as my leisure activity because doing coding all the time will make your head blow itself up. hehe…

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so that’s it then, I’ll update this post when I had any interesting things to say.


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