wikileaks founder accused of rape


reading news that wikileaks founder had been charged with rape, arouse me with question. is this a conspiracy orchestrated by the US against wikileaks founder?

maybe the US need to come up with a plan to arrest Julian Assange that is wikileaks founder to prevent him from publishing 15.000 more documents in wikileaks. although it was sweden police that’s issue the arrast warrant against him in accusing him of forceful rape and molestation.

truthfully, these 2 felony is hard to prove. Rape is such a difficult crime to prosecute because there can never be much evidence and even when there is, it can be very shaky. Yeah, you can prove people had sex but without video of the incident how can you prove it had no consent? Forceful rape and rough sex often leave the same damage, some rape doesn’t leave any physical damage. Lots of rape convictions are based off of witness testimony, which quite clearly should never be relied on.

I would not be surprised to see him found guilty of this, whether or not it was a US led bid to discredit him.

but always, there is a lesson we need to learn here. never try to mess with the US government.


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