the A-team

Liam Neeson at the TIFF premiere of The Other ...

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going to pasar kembang to find some pirated dvd is one of the great things to be living in bandung. So I happened to buy a movie title the A-team.

The film is good though, full of actions, explosion and amazing weaponry. although I must be hard-pressed to believe there are such things as a perfect plan. every plot in the movie seems perfect. and actually there are some suprises when knowing who is the real perpetrator behind all of the chaos that happened in the film plot.

this film starred by Liam Neeson, I kind of like seeing him on the movie (before I saw him on the film Taken). he always played a former official that’s went outlaw because of the changing situation. and there were also many great actor starred in this movie.


so if you had the time then go watch it then.


2 comments on “the A-team

  1. nn says:

    gw dah nonton film ini 2X di bioskop n dah beli dvdnya..
    gw suka bgt neh sama film ini. film ini film favorit gw selain mr & mrs smith. selain filmnya keren, filmnya lucu juga. apalagi si cowok negro yg mukanya sangar itu ternyata takut terbang. supaya mw terbang,disogoknya cuma sama kari doank..wkwkwkwk,,gilaaaa..!
    gw terpesona sama setiap rencana2 mereka yg keren2 bgt..amazing..
    i love it! n_n

  2. Jacobian says:

    yup thanks atas reviewnya ya tih.hehe… 😛

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