mac vs windows

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for me now, my laptop is vaio running windows vista. it’s a great laptop though very polished in every way that is possible. although sometime I would really wish I could have a mac, i.e a laptop made by apple.

usually I think every mac users is just another rich, selfish people who like to buy things that are more expensive. as you already know that windows laptop is way cheaper than mac. this is because macbook had a very fine detail in design that make people love having one.

the truth is it’s a class issue. Apple is a luxury brand. They’re nicer in the same way a $500 pair of jeans is nicer than a $100 pair. Both work, but the $500 are cut better and are easily recognized as being higher quality, more comfortable, and made from nicer material. Windows people are defensive because they are uncomfortable affording a mac. That insecurity drives the extreme anti-apple sentiment, and explains why terms like ‘elitist’ are used to describe mac owners.

Photo of a Dell XPS M140 Laptop.

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I don’t mean for that to be derogatory. I think mac owners need to be sensitive to the fact that Windows people aren’t really attacking macs so much as they are attacking people ‘flaunting’ their ability to buy one (which obviously is not what most Mac owners are trying to do).

Last of all, piracy keeps windows popular. Not just of Windows OS but the fuckload of games and other programs available to the average pleb. No one with an HD full of pirated software wants to go get a mac because they think they’d have to go out and buy everything afterward.

so the conclusion is that, if you wanted to have a mac then make sure you have an iphone also or every other apple products. because having this things will make you complacent to call yourself apple fanboy

The MacBook Pro is the first Mac notebook to u...

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