president SBY speech regarding malaysia

Official presidential portrait of Susilo Bamba...

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Saya juga mengajak untuk menjauhi tindakan-tindakan yang berlebihan, seperti aksi-aksi kekerasan, karena hanya akan menambah masalah yang ada. Kekerasan sering memicu terjadinya kekerasan yang lain. Harapan untuk menyelesaikan masalah ini dengan serius dan tepat, tanpa disertai aksi-aksi yang destruktif, juga saya terima dari saudara-saudara kita rakyat Indonesia yang saat ini berada di Malaysia.

the above is part of president SBY speech regarding indonesian-malaysia spat that are happening now. it’s more or less said about the president SBY imploring to indonesian people to act against any offensive and anarchy behaviour in demonstrating about the border dispute that plaguing indonesia and malaysia recently. because violence will only attract more violence and this vicious cycle would never ends. kind of like what mahatma gandhi always said

victory achieve by means of violence is tantamount to defeat

what I really think based on these speech is that president SBY wanted to keep the status quo of this country. he can’t afford any more bitter situation, much less something that’s gonna ruin the economy by the war mongering indonesian tv media. so I really hope provocative broadcast being aired on indonesian tv regarding the military strength of indonesian and malaysia can be ceased and moved on to other important things.

Provinces of Indonesia

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ah well, one can hope I guess. 🙂


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