facebook and me


so i think I just got fucked up, due to many people, i.e mostly girls that get vehemently annoyed when they have me on their friendlist. I was mostly giving comments to their statuses but maybe some girls take it the wrong way and blocked me out of the blue. can’t say I am happy about that. but the one things that bothered me the most is the frigging messages that popped up everytime I tried to add some pretty chick I found on the internet. the above message is the output of that warning.

in conclusion, facebook think that I am not a really good person to be befriended with. and enforce certain kind of policy that prevent me from adding anyone else for that matter.

so what is the solution? well to tell you the truth, it’s a solution that’s already exist before I encountered this problem. that is having a backed-up facebook account. fortunately I have another FB account but it’s been dormant for quite so long. now it’s time to re-activate it. hehe…

see? sometime the solution to the problem is to make another problem, i.e having another facebook account. but well I just need to improvise myself from now on I guess. don’t really want to entangle myself in the same predicament as before. hehe…

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One comment on “facebook and me

  1. I laughed, but that’s cruel. I feel sorry to you anyway.

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