war reparations by germany

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just came across an article that describe about the war reparations that germany had to paid to allied forces. in WW1 and WW2 germany was both heavily involved in those war and they had to pay the war reparations to the allied forces. to reimburse all the expenses that the allied forces had spent in going to war with germany. but the question is, is this war reparations is highly relevant? is this something that should be done by the loser party? where the winner gets to impose whatever they want to the loser side and get to blames whoever they want when this war begin.

a key difference between the World War I and II was that the former was ended by a conditional armistice and the latter by unconditional surrender, and the Allies exploited the unconditional nature of the surrender for all it was worth.

I must admit however, that while the unfair reparations laid out after WWI unquestionably had a lot to do with the reasons for starting WW2 (unfairly blaming the Germans for a global conflict they were not really responsible for) I think that after WW2 (which was unquestionably a result of German aggression) was absolutely would have been justified in enacting reparations

Germany was entirely responsible for the war they began with naked aggression, and the humans rights transgressions they routinely committed speak for themselves. For these reasons I fully believe that it would have been ENTIRELY appropriate to expect payment from them after the conflict had ended.

but fast forward now during an iraq war, the american paid the loser of the war that is iraq. so now we can see the trend is changing.

they started doing this because they noticed an economic trend after WWI that relates to wars – winners are typically set up very well to continue exploiting an industrial sector which has benefited greatly from the war itself. On the other hand, whoever had an army march into their Capital and burn it to the ground oddly enough didn’t fare so well in the aftermath. The trend of paying the losers has a lot to do with preventing us from developing future enemies based on resentment.

I always find germany (especially around this period of time) facinating not just because of WW2, but because of the incredibly imaginative and smart brain trust that the germans produced in that time. And its translated to today, germany and japan relatively quickly bounced back as the most industrious nations outside of the US, despite being much smaller and with less resources.

German prisoners, Western Front, during World ...

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