Lee Kuan Yew

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just read an article that declared the death of wife of Lee Kun Yew, i.e the founding father of singapore. To which I want to convey my condolences, so anyway I kind of like this man, not because of the authoritarian rule he put in place in singapore but also because he can lived for this long. he already aged 87 and always said that he like to motivate himself and does things like giving seminar in singapore and abroad and other things that always excited him. because he said that it’s the formula of long-lived life. well for someone that old, I think every life wisdom he came up with should be respected thoroughly.

so now let’s talk about him and his role in singapore government, I think Lee Kuan Yew is a genius man. He never let go of power, he just invented new positions for himself. From president to senior minister to minister mentor. Regardless, he took Singapore from a haven of drugs and prostitution (next to Bangkok, Singapore served as a US entertainment spot during the Vietnam war) and turned it into a Hub for business and science. whilst most Singaporeans complain about him (in a very hush hush way) and the way things are there, it’s a fucking efficient and no bullshit country. He also enforced the use of english to leverage singaporean in competing with other regionals market and to which is effective in propelling singapore as the first world country as in today. Lee Kuan Yew is  just awesome.

maybe dictatorship is a key toward regional stability, something that’s lacking in indonesia.


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